Experienced Engineers in Norwalk 

Whether you are a homeowner with drainage issues or a commercial property owner who wants to develop a building, we are here to listen and provide reliable services according to your unique requirements. Fairfield County Engineering will work with you to resolve all your engineering and permitting needs. We also specialize in stormwater management and retention designs.

At Fairfield County Engineering, we are experienced in site plan development of residential subdivisions, single-family residences, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools and shopping centers. If you have any questions regarding our services, call us at (203) 295-4497.

We Offer:

  • Environmental Services:
    • Septic Systems Repair Services and Design
    • On-Site Soil Testing
    • Sanitary Sewer  Pump Station Design
    • Stormwater Hydrology or Hydraulic Studies
  • Wetlands:
    • Creation and Restoration Services
    • Design and Construction Supervision
    • Impact Assessment and Mitigation
    • Planting Plans and Specifications
  • Site Development:
    • Residential Site Plans:
      • Subdivisions and Single Lot Development/Teardowns
      • Stormwater Drainage Studies - Subdivision Lots and Additions
      • Satisfaction of Municipal Requirements
      • Mitigate Drainage Issues
      • Retaining Wall Services
    • Detention and Retention System Design
    • Site Development and Impact Studies
    • Erosion and Sediment Control Planning
    • Commercial Site Plans:
      • Stormwater Drainage Studies
      • Utilities
      • Parking Building Layout
      • Retaining Wall Services
      • Landscaping Services
    • Coastal Area Management and Permitting
    • Zoning Issues
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